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Would you like to add your business, league, or school to our listings? YSN has great opportunities to partner with us to get the most from your listing.

YSN offers three levels of listings so that you can create more opportunities for you business, league, or school to participate in the YSN experience. Businesses must fall in to one of our listing categories such as instruction, club or resort, or coaching. If your business does not fall in to one of those categories, you are welcome to advertise with YSN but can not be included in our listings. Enhanced and jumbo enhanced listings are charged on a yearly basis.

Basic free listing

Every business, league, and school that provides for youth sports in the nine county area that YSN covers, is entitled to a free basic listing on our site.The basic listing includes the following information: Name, Contact name, Snail mail address, and Phone number.

Enhanced listing

The YSN enhanced listing gives you the ability to add your logo, website address, and email address to your listing so players and customers can easily find you and your website. This also puts your listing name in bold letters on our listings pages to make you listing stand out from the others.

Jumbo enhanced listing

The jumbo enhanced listing gives you the best value by adding allowing you to add a 800 x 600 pixel ad or image into the listing. This will directly link to your website allowing you the freedom to create the kind of image you want your business, league, or team to promote. You will also get to include all of the information from the enhanced lisitng below the ad to make sure that your listing gets noticed!


Adding content to YSN!

When purchasing either an enhanced listing or a jumbo enhanced listing, you get the ability to add content to YSN in three different ways. You can write Featured articles which highlight games, athletes, and news in the local youth sports community. You can write articles about your leagues games or the sports you promote with your business and you get front page exposure. You can also create In the News entries that will link to other pages around the web. See a great story on the NY Times website that has to do with youth sports? You can use this feature to link up to that story. You may also link to announcements about your business or league, excluding announcements about sales or business opportunities. The third way is to become part of the Coach's Corner. If you are a local coach, trainer, pro, or therapist and you would like to write informative articles about sports, fitness, or coaching then this is the place for you. Again this gets you front page exposure for a limited time and puts your story or article in the archive for future readings.

These are great opportunities for you to garner attention for your, league, sport, club,or business and are worth the listing price alone!


Interested? Contact for more info on these exciting opportunities!

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